Policies & Rules


1. For HOME meets, swimmers must to be at the SOLECO pool for warm-ups at 4:45 PM; for AWAY meets, swimmers must arrive no later than 5 PM.  Meets start promptly at 6 PM.  All volunteers MUST check in the evening of the meet with the volunteer coordinator.

2. Swimmers need to attend a minimum of 3 practices a week to be eligible to swim in a meet (logged and approved absences by the coach are excused). Attendance is mandatory on meet days.

3. Swimmers may swim a maximum of four events in any one meet.

4. Swimmers need to swim a minimum of four regular season meets in order to be eligible to swim in Championships.

5. Swimmers must attend practice the 5 days prior to Championships to be eligible to swim.

6. Final Championship eligibility will be at the discretion of the Coaching Staff.

7. Parents must sign up for and fulfill volunteer and food requirements. Sign-ups will be held during Mandatory Parent Meeting.

8. Pool membership, team membership, waiver form online and food donation fees and volunteer sign-ups must be paid/current for a spot to be held for each swimmer.  Failure to have all fees/donations made will result in your swimmer losing his/her spot on the team.

Swimmer Rules

1. Attendance is mandatory for all scheduled practices. Swimming practice will begin promptly. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled practice time and be ready to enter the water at your starting time. Children should be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of their practice.

2. Swimmers will be allowed to miss practices only if approved by coaches. Please record any excused absences in the logbook. The logbook will be located in the office just as you enter the gate by the corner of the building.

3. Attendance at practice the day of a meet is required in order to participate in the meet. Exceptions might be made if the coaches are notified prior to the practice.

4. It should be understood that swimmers who are practicing with other USS or club teams and are also a part of SOLECO are welcome but must attend a minimum of three practices per week to participate in meets and the 5 days prior to championships.

5. Efforts will be made to include all swimmers in at least one event per meet. We have a large team and often it is difficult to have all swimmers swim more than one event. Priority will be given to the swimmers who attend regularly and put forth their best effort for dual meets and championships. Swimmers are expected to attend swim meets, regardless of whether they are swimming.

6. Swimmers must sign up if they are participating in a meet via Team Snap.  If you sign up for a meet and are a NO SHOW you will not be able to participate in the following meet.

7. Swimmers must remain with the team during the entire meet, in the designated area only! We do not want to have to look for anyone during a meet. All swimmers should be with the team until the end of the meet, even if they are finished swimming. We are a team!

8. All swimmers will provide their own practice suits, goggles caps, etc.

9. Swimmers should eat smart during meets. No swimmer should be eating junk food during the meet. Fruits and bagels are a good source of carbohydrates to give you energy for your swims. Sugar is the worst thing to put in your body during competition. It is also important to bring some sort of drink with you to meets. Gatorade, sports drinks, fruit juices and water are good sources of fluids for meets and practices. Your body can lose as much as 30% of peak performance due to dehydration. Replenishing fluids is essential for keeping your body ready to swim fast.

10. All swimmers are expected to do their best. It is more important that you try your best than what place you get. Coaches will be happy with any results if he/she puts forth their best effort.

11. If you would like your son or daughter to swim a different event during a meet, please write it in the logbook. Effort will be made to honor these requests, within reason.

12. Participation in post season competition (Championships) will depend on the following five criteria: 1) Times 2) Attitude 3) Consistency 4) Work Ethic 5) Attendance the week prior to Championships. Coaches will have final say on these decisions!

Most important is that parents try to attend all meets to encourage their son or daughter. Support them, encourage them and stay positive regardless of the outcome of their races!


1. Show up for practice and meets prepared and on time. Try your best and desire to improve. Approach swimming with mindfulness. Listen to and respect your coaches. Apply coaches’ training. Push yourself. If you miss practice or practice at anything less than 100%, you miss out. Make sure you get the most of training. Coaches want to help, but if you have a question, the only way to get answers is to ask. If you want to work on something, speak up.

2. Be responsible. Be where and when you say you will be. Communicate absences with coaches. Pick up and clean up after yourself. Listen for and line up for your races. Follow the rules of the pool. Be a considerate guest and an excellent ambassador when visiting opponents’ pools.

3. Support your teammates by encouraging them, treating them and their belongings with respect, refusing to participate in bullying or gossip, congratulating them and celebrating with them. As individuals, we are all working together to achieve one goal.

4. Take care of yourself by eating well, sleeping properly, staying hydrated, remaining positive and setting and working toward personal goals.

5. Conduct yourself not only as a respectful individual, but as a proud representative of Soleco Stingrays.

a. No unsportsmanlike conduct.
b. No littering, stealing or vandalism, vulgar language or gestures, lying.
c. No misuse of property.
d. No alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs.
e. No bullying, fighting or promiscuity.
6. Be a role model by maintaining self control at all times. Direct questions, comments or concerns regarding swimmers, parents, coaches and officials to Team Coordinator only.

Live the Golden Rule of Swimming: Swimmers—swim, Coaches—coach, Officials—officiate, Parents—parent.

Consequences for Violation of Code of Conduct
1. Depending upon severity, first offense will likely illicit a conversation with coaches.
2. Depending upon severity, second offense will likely illicit a conversation between parents, coach(es), and Team Coordinator.
3. Third offense will illicit a meeting with parents, coach(es) and Team Coordinator.

All disciplinary action is subject to interpretation based upon coaches’ and Board of Directors’ evaluation of the individual swimmer and the specific infraction.