Parent Info

If you are interested in registering, please email:

1. In order to maximize coaching instruction and efficiency, we ask that you leave your child off at the entrance gate prior to the scheduled practice. Please pick them upon promptly after practice. We encourage you be about 10 minutes early before and after practices.

2. Parents will not be allowed on the pool deck during practice for any reason! All communications with the coaches must take place prior to, or after practice.

3. All communications from coaches (such as cancellations, time changes, etc.) and team updates/reminders will be communicated via TEAM SNAP.

4. Please communicate any concerns directly with coaches outside of practice time. Do not let anything fester inside. Coaches will make every effort to honor any reasonable request.

5. Team Mailbox- Each family will have a folder located in a crate labeled “Soleco Ribbons & Mail”. Make sure you or your child checks your folder at least twice a week for all important information from the coaches and board (ribbons, picture information, etc.). Team mailboxes do not apply for Summer of 2020