Parent Info / Volunteer Requirements

If you are interested in registering, please visit Southern Lehigh Community Pool Online Store ( to purchase your team and pool membership.

We’re all parents, so we understand the adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Similarly, “It takes a team of families to run a swim meet.”
To be precise, it takes over 40 parent volunteers to run one swim meet! So yes, we will expect you to volunteer. Each family is counted on to volunteer for at least two meets.

The summer swim team experience and participating in swim meets is a FAMILY AFFAIR. Being a Stingray parent is a lot of fun and a great way to know other Stingray families. PARENTS run the swim meets. We don’t bring in hired professionals—and the result is a true family gathering.

1. In order to maximize coaching instruction and efficiency. We encourage you to be about 10 minutes early before and after practices. Please pick them upon promptly after practice.

2. Parents will not be allowed on the pool deck during practice for any reason! All communications with the coaches must take place prior to, or after practice.

3. All communications from coaches (such as cancellations, time changes, etc.) and team updates/reminders will be communicated via TEAM SNAP.

4. Please communicate any concerns directly with coaches outside of practice time. Do not let anything fester inside. Coaches will make every effort to honor any reasonable request.

5. Team Mailbox – Each family will have a folder located in a crate labeled “Soleco Ribbons & Mail”. Make sure you or your child checks your folder at least twice a week for all important information from the coaches and board (ribbons, picture information, etc.).

6. Parents will be required to settle all fees or, unfortunately, your swimmer will forfeit his/her spot on the team. There typically is a wait list, so please let us know promptly if your swimmer has changed their mind about summer swim team.

The most important thing parents can do is attend meets whenever possible. There’s a lot of camaraderie which occurs throughout the summer and we think you’ll find it a fun experience. Your children will certainly appreciate it. During the meet, support and love your swimmer, regardless of the race result. Help your swimmer set personal goals and give them a plan to meet their goals, support their coaches choices and always stress good sportsmanship.

Lastly, we ask that you help support the pool the best way you can. Many people don’t realize we are a privately funded pool and are not supported with tax dollars. If you’re good at landscaping, carpentry, or maintenance, for example, please let us know. If your company matches contributions, or is looking to support an amazing community facility, please approach the decision makers at your organization (we have a flyer for that).

Parent Volunteer Jobs

Announcer: Announces order of events, racers’ names & lanes. Begins the meet and announces score and winner at the end. Works with the Starter to keep the meet moving.

Clean Up: After each home meet, the parents and swimmers of one age group will be selected to clean up. Return chairs, pick up garbage, find home for lost and found items, generally tidy the grounds and deck areas of the pool. Age groups will be rotated and announced near the end of the meet.

50/50 Raffle Sales: For one hour, volunteer will meander through the crowd approaching all spectators to sell 50/50 raffle tickets.

Lane Seeders: Using the printed heat sheet as a guide, you will help swimmers line up at their assigned lanes before the start of their race. Job begins 15 minutes before the meet starts and ends when the last race is seeded (shortly before the end of the meet). Since kids are organized by age group, ideally, this should be a parent who knows some of the kids in the assigned age group. 2 per meet.

Volunteer Coordinator: Responsible for coordinating the meet once warm-ups have started. Make sure everyone has reported to their job before the meet starts. Hand out watches to timers and find substitutes to fill any open jobs. Collects watches at the end of the meet. Notifies coaches if any parent fails to report to job without prior notification so coaches can take appropriate action and possibly scratch their swimmer.

Meet Manager: Responsible for running Meet Manager which includes entering times for each swimmer and each race, scratching swimmers, entering DQ’s and printing heat sheets. Meet Manager software training is required. This job begins at 5:30 and ends when the meet is over and scored. Checks in coaches. 2 persons per meet.

Photographer: Takes candid photos during the meet.

Ribbons: Places pre-printed labels on ribbons for the winners of each event. Sort ribbons in family folders and deliver ribbons to opposing team. Begin 15 minutes after meet has begun and stay until all ribbons are complete. 2 persons per meet.

Runners: Collect timers’ sheets from each lane and Stroke and Turn DQ cards and deliver them to the scoring table. Job begins at the start of the meet and ends when the meet is over. No experience is necessary. 2 runners per meet.

Starter/Referee: Responsible for starting the swimmers from the blocks and judging false starts. Must have Level II Certification. Responsible for keeping the meet moving smoothly.

Stroke & Turn: Ensures swimming strokes and turns are officially executed. Incorrect execution is reported to the Referee and swimmer is disqualified or DQ’d. Level 1 Certification is required. Volunteer will check in with the Volunteer Coordinator 15 minutes prior to the start of the meet.

Timer: Responsible for operating a stopwatch to record swimmers’ times. There are three timers per lane so no experience is necessary. The median time is used. One timer will also record times on a timing sheet which is later handed to the Runner. Check in with the Volunteer Coordinator 15 minutes prior to meet.

Concession: Prepare, stock, make change and sell food and drinks. There are 5 workers per meet and 2 cashiers. You can cover each other in order to watch your swimmer. Arrive at 5:15 for home meets and clean up after the meet.

Food Prep: Prepare food at home that corresponds to the sign up. Label dishes, etc. Hand in your food at the snack stand and inform the Volunteer Coordinator of your arrival. Pick up your dishes at the end of the meet. Deliver food by 5:15.