General Info – 2020 Swim Clinics

This year we are offering weekly Swim Clinics to competitive swimmers in lieu of our traditional SOLECO Summer Swim Team.

If you are interested in registering, please email:

Swim Clinics will be taught by our Stingray Coaches. The coaches’ profiles are here:

This will be a developmental year for our swimmers since we are unable to hold competitive meets. The older kids can sharpen their techniques, strokes, turns and starts.  The younger age groups will learn to master strokes and advance their comfort and abilities in the water. The coaches have some great ideas for themes each week to make it fun for all and may focus on different strokes / techniques each week to keep the workouts interesting for the swimmers.

To keep things simple, we will use the same age brackets and practice schedules as in prior years.  There will be no fundraising requirements, no food donations, no parent volunteer hours, and no team suit.  Practice hours are here:

Clinics will be held weekly (Monday – Friday) for six weeks beginning June 29th and run through August 7th.
Just like swim team, we will have a limited number of swimmers allowed in each age group.

8 & under and 9/10:  Maximum of 24 swimmers in each group (4 swimmers per lane)

11/12 and 13 & up:  Maximum of 30 swimmers in each group (4 swimmers per lane, plus a lane in the dive well.)

By limiting the number of swimmers per age group, the swimmers will be able to safely practice social distancing in the water with guidance from the coaches.

Returning SOLECO swimmers will have first chance to sign up for clinics. Then, we will open sign-ups to new swimmers.


10 & under, Pool Members:  $25/week for each clinic or $125 for all 6 weeks.

10 & under, Non-members:  $50/week for each clinic or $250 for all 6 weeks

11 & up, Pool Members:  $30/week for each clinic or $150 for all 6 weeks.

11 & up, Non-members:  $60/week for each clinic or $300 for all 6 weeks.

These costs are very much in line with what swim team families have paid in the past (minus the fundraising activities and donation costs).  The pool is still offering reduced membership rates.  They are lower than they have ever been before ($300 for family / $100 for individual).

Pool memberships can be purchased here: