Eligibility / Fees / Equipment

If you are interested in registering, please visit Southern Lehigh Community Pool Online Store (solecopool.org) to purchase your team and pool membership.


1. Swimmers must be six years of age by June 1 and may swim till the summer after their senior year in high school (6-18 years old).  Swimmers may not represent another swim team in the Suburban League.

2. All swimmers must be able to swim 25 meters (one length of the pool) of both freestyle and backstroke. If a swimmer cannot swim 25 meters, eligibility will be determined by the coaches.  Usually the day of evaluations, swimmers are notified if they’ve made the Soleco Swim Team. Coaches may recommend swim lessons, or other suggestions, to prepare for next year if they feel your swimmer is not quite ready for the team.*

3. Each swimmer must be an active member of SOLECO Pool and also be a registered swim team member with all fees current. Full refunds for swim team dues will be given until June 1st if your swimmer does not qualify.

* Please Note: The swim team is NOT intended to be swimming lessons and inclusion will be at the coach’s discretion.



  • Financial commitment includes:
    – Current pool membership fee of $125 per individual or $375 per family, paid before April 1st.
    – Swim Team fee of $140 per swimmer.
  • The Swim Team generally has one fundraiser that we require families to participate in. Generally, this would be $50 for 5 gift certificates of $10 each ($100 max per family) or a $20 buyout ($40 max per family). These fundraising dollars are then used for things like equipment and end of the season gifts.  We are currently evaluating this program for the 2023 season.
  • There may be small, additional fees for invitational swim meets and miscellaneous activities.

Payments may be made by check and mailed to:
or visit Southern Lehigh Community Pool Online Store (solecopool.org) to purchase your team and pool membership.



SWIMSUITS/JAMMERS: Swimsuits are 1-piece and worn by the ladies. Jammers are tight fitting, approx. knee-length suits for guys. A team suit is not mandatory, but we recommend it as it fosters team spirit and unity. There may be a swim shop representative at the pool during pre-season practice for purchasing suits and other equipment. Information will be sent out about swim suit style, brand, color and price.

SWIM CAPS: Swim caps are worn by nearly all ladies to protect hair from chlorine and to keep out of one’s face. Some guys also wear caps for increased speed.

FLIPPERS:  Requirements will vary by age groups.  See if you can share or pass down to a friend.

GOGGLES: Please equip your swimmer with competitive swim goggles to protect their eyes from chlorine irritation. A 2nd pair of goggles for backup is a good idea. Bungee straps work better than goggle straps.

MISC. EQUIPMENT: Towels, sunscreen, waterproof shoes, dry clothes, swim bag, water, snack (optional), extra layers (especially during early season). Any training equipment you own is welcome for practice, but not mandatory. You will need sneakers for dry land practice.

SPIRIT WEAR: All team apparel may be ordered through SOLECO Stingrays. This includes sweatshirts, t-shirts, lounge pants, caps, etc. Team apparel is optional. Additional information on apparel orders will be posted either in your family folder or by email.