Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons 2023
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Headed by Wendy Yons

Lesson will begin June 19th!  Please see the information below! 

Swim lessons are designed to help your child learn how to be safe in and around water.  During swim lessons your child will be introduced to new skills and practice them during the lesson.  Water safety skills will be taught along with swimming skills.  Remember, all children learn at different rates.  If you have any questions during the course of your child’s lesson, please ask your child’s instructor.

Sessions 1 through 4 are Monday through Thursday for 2 weeks.  We will use Fridays as a make-up day if we have to cancel a lesson during sessions 1-4. Each class is 1/2 hour long.

Monday – Thursday Classes

Session 1:  June 19th – June 29th
Session 2:  July 3rd – July 13th (We will have lessons on July 4th)

Session 3:  July 17th – July 27th
Session 4: July 31st – August 10th

Saturday Classes
(See times below)

Session 5:  June 17th, June 24th, July 1st (only 3 Saturdays)
Session 6:  July 15, July 22nd & July 29th
(only 3 Saturdays)

Mommy & Me Classes

Mommy & Me Classes will be offered during all sessions


Class Times

Lessons will run from 9:00am – 11:30am for sessions 1 – 4.
Saturday lessons will run from 9-11am.

Different times for different levels are offered.  All times can be found in the store tab, under lessons.

Level Descriptions

Level 1: No swimming skills required. Goals: Water exploration and enjoyment. Underwater swim for more than a foot and an ability to float and move independently with a flotation device. Swimmer/Instructor Ratio 4:1

Level 2: Swimmer should be comfortable going underwater and able to swim forward with face underwater about 3 feet. Face-in doggie paddlers belong here. Goals: float independently on back for 5 seconds and swim underwater for 3-5 feet. Begin rhythmic breathing in combination with swimming skills, safety treading, elementary backstroke and back gliding. Swimmer/Instructor Ratio 4:1

Level 3: Excellent underwater swimmer. Uses rhythmic breathing. Can swim underwater 5 yards and can move on back for 10 yards. Goal: Proper aquatic alignment, rotary breathing freestyle for 15 yards, elementary backstroke, diving and jumping safely. Swimmer/Instructor Ratio 5:1

Level 4: Can swim freestyle for 15 yards with rotary breathing, back crawl 5 yards. Goal: Develop and maintain aquatic alignment, front and backstroke 25 yards, breaststroke and butterfly fundamentals, and elementary backstroke 25 yards. Swimmer/Instructor Ratio 6:1

Level 5: Can swim freestyle 25 yards with rotary breathing, backstroke, elementary back 25 yards, breaststroke 10 yards. Aquatic alignment & balance, improve freestyle and backstroke, Improve breaststroke, and learn butterfly. Swimmer/Instructor Ratio 6:1

Any questions please email wendy92pool@gmail.com